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The August dog days are here, and although it may seem like we’ve reached the last pages of summer’s final chapter, there’s still plenty of time to dig out the spatulas and Sweet Baby Ray’s and flip out some char-streaked fare. Throughout the course of history, grilling slowly evolved from a simple method for cooking food to the backyard pastime we know today—one which somehow manages to always bring families and friends together for hours of food, fun, and festivities. Since the grilling season is still alive and well, however, it’s important that you maximize all of your charcoal-filled pursuits. In order for you to achieve the best experience possible, we’ve compiled a list of tech tools and gadgets to make your grilling ventures seamless.

1. Grill Daddy Pro

Cleaning your grill is always the unwelcome chore that follows any cookout. Fortunately, the job doesn’t have to be quite so tedious with the new Grill Daddy Pro—the steam-producing grill brush that cleans quicker and easier than traditional tools. Just fill the device with water, ignite your grill, and let the resulting steam effortlessly cut the grease from the grates. With a more effectively-cleaned surface, your grilled foods will taste better too!

2. Looftlighter

Forget matches and lighter fluid—the Looftlighter is the only tool you need to ignite your coals and get your grilling fun going. This wand-like device is the cleanest and fastest lighter around, taking just 60 seconds to get your charcoal, wood, and anything else requiring a flame lit with its super-heated air technology.

3. FireBoard Thermometer

Having to keep a constant eye on your sizzling grill fare can make you miss out on the company of family and friends. With the FireBoard Thermometer, you can cut down on the amount of time spent hovering over the food and monitor it remotely from your smartphone device. The techy tool can connect to up to six temperature probes, allowing you to keep tabs on everybody’s food while it cooks to the desired degree of doneness.

4. Cuisineart Grilling Sheets

With all the fun of grilling comes the unpleasant hassle of cleaning up. Luckily, Cuisineart has developed nonstick reusable grilling sheets to help make the tidying process a little smoother. The sheets not only protect your grill top, but they make the perfect surface for foods that tend to fall through the grates, such as chopped veggies or eggs. Don’t worry about sacrificing flavor or those flawless sear marks either–grilling sheets allow you to still have both!

5. GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box

Part of what makes grilled food so good is its signature smoky flavor. If you’re looking to enhance this savory quality, a smoker box will do just the trick. Simply fill the box with damp wood chips, place it under the grill hood, and allow the product to work its smoking magic.

6. Lynx SmartGrill

Whether it’s fussing with the charcoal or finding the best sections on the grate to cook your food, traditional grills definitely have their drawbacks. If you’re looking to up your grilling game—or perhaps just indulge in a hi-tech grilling experience—than you may want to try the SmartGrill by Lynx. This gas grill connects to your smartphone device, allowing you to program cooking preferences and ensure that all your food is ready to go at the same time. The apparatus even responds to voice commands and tells you when to adjust your food on the grill or follow a particular step in a recipe. 

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