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Explore a featured selection of my writing work below. This content was created throughout my position as the Marketing Lead at Wagento Commerce—a B2B eCommerce development agency based in Minneapolis.

Big Dam Happy Endings

There are endless reasons to run, and we’ve just added “finding your soulmate” to that list.

Or should we say “sole mate”?

All puns aside, running provides numerous benefits, from improved physical health, to stress management, to better sleep. On top of that, it’s an activity you can do from almost anywhere with essentially no equipment or gear (besides shoes, of course), so it’s incredibly accessible.

But one thing people normally don’t consider when it comes to running is the community it

Ingebretsen's | Nordic Marketplace Website Transformation | Case Study

Ingebretsen’s transformation over the decades included its exploration into eCommerce. From its humble brick-and-mortar inception, the Nordic shop eventually embraced the online store model that was revolutionizing the shopping experience. The company had been using Magento 1 for its eCommerce platform until, unfortunately, it was announced that support for Magento 1 would end in June of 2020. At that point, all merchants were urged to either migrate to Magento 2 or find some other solution alto

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